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I just put on a pollen trap, the Sundance style which sits on the bottom board. Dismantled the whole hive to put it on, so the bees were pretty worked up by the time I was done.

I noticed when I was done that I had the trap set to collect pollen. Now, in reading the instructions for the trap it says something about the bees needing a few days to adjust to the trap, which I assume means they have to figure out how to get back in once they leave.

Can anyone with experience with this trap comment on whether its ok to start right off with it collecting, or should I give them a few days with it set to 'not collect', meaning their route back into hive is more direct?

I didn't want to try to change the setting since I had a pretty good size cloud of bees in front of the hive and didn't want to risk crushing a bunch and working them up even more. I suppose I can get out there tomorrow and change it if necessary, but we've got great weather, so if it's ok to collect pollen I'll leave it alone.
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