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question about emerging queen

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I have some queens hatching out in a day or 2. I put the grafted cells into mating nucs today. They are inside some nicot style cell protectors. The ones that are big enough for the queen to emerge in them and they have a plastic cap on the bottom you can have closed to keep them in. They are made for putting cells in incubators I think. Hair roller cages is what they're called I think.
Question is about having the bottom caps opened or closed. When I put them in I left it closed to keep the cell completely protected. Will the queens be ok and able to emerge with no assistance? Or should I get into the mating nucs tomorrow quickly to open the cap on the cell protectors so the bees can get at the tip of the cell. I just know I have seen them thin down the end of the cell before the queen emerges. Will she be able to emerge without that help if I don't get to it in time before they hatch? I believe she will and will be fine but wanted to try to get info from people who KNOW. Thanks for the help everyone.
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Your queen cells will be fine. I use cali mini cages for emergence cages. The queens have no problem hatching with no workers involved.
It's really enlightening to watch the queens hatch as she chews her way out. The queens are pale with hardly any colour to the abdomen and fuzzy with all that body hair.
When I started to raise queens, I did the Mel Dissselkoen OTS method , and when the cell was capped I waited a few days and pressed a 8mesh wire cage into the wax over the cells with no workers inside so I could recover them instead of searching the mass of bees in the hive.
Having my apiary grown fairly big I follow Michael Palmer's Queen Rearing method, and still watch Mike's vid, plus use Lawrence Connors "Queen Rearing Essentials" book as guidance for raising my queens that I use for next seasons nuc's.
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