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so the frames sit almost flush with the top of the hive body, and you build in teh space with the inner cover?
That's the idea but you have to watch it, especially if your mixing woodenware from one source with woodenware from another. I bought a cheap new hive kit complete with inner cover and frames. The combined top bee space was more like 1/2 in. plus. It was one of those covers with the shallow sides top and bottom. I think the cover depth alone was 3/8ths along with the 1/8th in. from top of frame to hive-body lip. Constantly building burr comb in that hive. I put metal frame rails to make the frame tops closer to flush and that helped. I suspect it was a thinner topbar on the frames. The 2 new hives and NUC I just bought, the top bee space between the inner cover and top of frames is a perfect 3/8th in. Top bars on those frames are nice and thick and sit flush with the super lip.
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