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Queenless after swarm so maybe split or add to another?

Ok to start off I have three hives from last year and I bought 2 packages and two extra queens and added four hives to my yard (will not ever do that again). Out of the new four one queen got the boot so I added those bees on top of one of the others with the newspaper trick.Everything was going well then one of the hives were not building very good and I went today to check them and add a frame or two of brood to give them a boost. After I opened them there were bees everywhere and I had a swarm leave one of my old hives. Any chance I got really lucky because they where down to bees on two frames and I use medium 8 and I had to add a box for room today. Also on the other hive that is now Queenless there are some queen cells not capped but I was thinking about adding them to the new colonies to really boostthem any ideas on this
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