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Queens Everywhere!

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OK so I waited one too many days to cut queen cells so this one emerged in my hand! I made a hive that was preparing swarm cells queenless on May 12 and thought I had removed all the swarm cells. They immediately started making superceedure cells which I let go until the 24th. Seems that was too long, some cells appeared to have been chewed open, I still harvested seven nice cells and still left many behind. When I was splitting out the capped brood to make mating nucs I found a fat new queen already running around in that hive so I guess I just got to some of the cells before she did.
I also found a pile of about a dozen bees on a lid in the garage where I was cutting cells off. I blew on the pile and there was a virgin queen under them, I don’t know where she came from for sure but it was not from the cell I was holding.
Weather is supposed to be 80 and sunny for a week so GREAT forecast for mating flights!
Thanks Ernie !