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So I've a queen less cut out ( I'm pretty certain) that has built 4 queen cells.
Two cells were capped, one had a larvae and one under construction. There is roughly 6 med frames of brood, and some older uncapped larvae. Nectar and pollen is scattered about. I have been feeding sugar water/HBH from a home made top feeder. Entrance reduced, and population seems ok, with brood emerging. Another strong hive in the yard, and a NUC with some drones.

:scratch: Keep feeding and let 'er ride?
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Sounds like a good plan. Are they on frames with combs rubber banded in? You might give them some frames with foundation to draw out.

Good luck!

Bena, VA
6 frames were rubber banded in, they've chewed off most of the rubber bands. Three other frames were 'borrowed' with partially drawn frames. I threw one in foundation less to see what problems I could cause. LOL.

Check in 5 days to see if she emerged? Or give it two weeks to see if she's emerged and laying?

I've another hive that should be getting into a second med brood box, and might be able to rob out a frame of eggs/brood...
gonna take 10 days for a capped cell to emerge, then a week to mature, and another to mate, so (doing the math).. I think you will need to wait about 3 to 4 weeks to find and new brood from these queen cells. long time thiss late to wait for a queen, and ... Sorry forgot you are in FL :doh:, might not be so big a concern with timing, just AHB.
We get a decent Sept-Oct flow. Lots of ornamental plants around if the weather isn't too harsh. Going to play close attention on the AHB
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