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Queenless nuc's

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I would like to try making queenless nucs, and I was
wondering what % will make new queens? I'll use a frame
of capped brood, one with eggs and larva ,one, half honey
half empty, one, half honey half pollen. Any advice?
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It takes forever to get a full nuc that way. 16 days for the queen to hatch, another two weeks for her to start laying. Another 21 days for her brood to hatch. All of the time you have bees dying in the nuc.

Also I would rather get a queen that was made by a strong hive rather than an emergency queen from a nuc. So when I do what you are talking about I move the queen to the nuc and let the hive build the new queen. Helps with mite counts also.
you won't have enough bees to get any "GOOD" queens.
What about seperating (in the same hive) my 2 brood
boxes by 2 medium supers. Would the queenless brood
box requeen itself?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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