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Queenless? Maybe not? Add Queen cell?

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Here's my situation...
I have one hive that really appears queenless...brood chamber very packed with nectar, very little brood, fidgetty bees, wings spread walking around.
Question: If I add a frame of brood that has a swarm cell already build on it, if/when this new queen hatches and IF I'm wrong on the queenless thing, will this hive swarm?
For the life of me, I don't know the answer and haven't had to answer it for anyone else over the years.
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i really doubt that they would swarm since a swarm in a reaction to all things right -

little brood area is not right - so no swarm

id stick the frame into the questionable hive - queen or not you will have one that survives - but if there is a queen id question are - if she is not laying 500-1000 eggs per day at this point id pinch her and put a new cell or purchaced queen
Another thing I do when they seem honey-bound and I can't find a queen or any brood -- put an empty comb in the very center, then check it in a few days. If their is still no eggs and the empty comb is being filled with honey and pollen, but no eggs, look again for the queen, because, even if she has totally failed (can no longer lay eggs), she may still be able to kill her replacement.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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