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Queenless Hive--- Pls help

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Installed a package of bees about a month ago, all was going well, they already pulled out 4 frames of brood. Did an inspection a week ago and i didnt see the queen. No big, i've heard you sometimes miss her or overlook her. But I got suspicious when I didn't see her today when i opened the hive to see if they were ready for a second box....but i saw no new eggs anywhere and not even any really young ones. A quick look turned into a thorough inspection, found 3 frames full of capped brood and plenty of food stores but i found no queen and this odd comb, it looks like queen cells but i am new to this so im not sure. Can someone please tell me if these are queen cells? and if they are will the hive be okay or will it swarm?
Thank you in advance!

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Thank you! im glad to hear that they are making themselves a new queen. Hopefully the new queen will be a better match for the colony.
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I’m going to say that she’s already left with a swarm and that those are swarm cells. Either way, add ~28 days to the date when you think those were capped. This is when you should next go in to see if there is a newly mated, and laying, queen. Hopefully, you’ll see some larvae at this point.

Some of my mentees have foundation that has been drawn-out like this; there again, it could be a bee thing. This is not ideal, but actually worked well here because it has protected your queen cells. Is your other foundation drawn this way, too, or is this the only anomaly?

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Thank you, this is the only frame with the strange pattern on it, the other 4 frames are all drawn out nice and evenly with 5 frames just beginning to have comb drawn out.
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