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This hive is still full of bees and they are still actively bringing in pollen and nectar and are also producing honey. Why would it be losing weight on the scales every day?

I put a frame of 4 queen cells in the hive close to a week ago Friday. When I checked Friday they queen cells still were all capped. Will having queen cells in the hive keep the workers going because they can smell the capped queens.

This hive is 2 high bodies (at the top because they are almost 100% honey and pollen, several mediums and several shallows. Again all of the boxes are full of bees.

Should I put some of these boxes on other hives?

Should I put some of the frames in the freezer and then bag them until the hive has a good brood production?

Don't have an extractor and I don't know of anyone who is extracting yet.

I have several hives that are producing a lot of honey and are starting to cap the frames. Some of these hives have 5 supers.
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