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Queenless again...

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Looks like my remaining hive is now also queenless. And REALLY grumpy - I got attacked, and stung up something fierce today.

- Lots of bees in the hive, pollen and nectar being brought in.
- There were eggs and open brood 10 days ago.
- At that time:
- I put a Mite Away II pad on. Followed the instructions to a T, the weather has been within specs also.
- I shook out my other hive, which was queenless, about 20 feet away.

There were a few (maybe 30-50) dead bees out in front of the hive the next morning. I assumed some fighting when the shake out tried to move in, but it didn't look like much. Today - 10 days later - lots of capped brood, NO eggs or larvae in either deep, and REALLY grumpy bees.

What could have happened? Does it look like a dead queen as I suspect, and if so, why? I thought I did everything right.

Any ideas/comments appreciated.

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