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Queen with a broken leg

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I have seen this queen in my old laying worker hive. She is a daughter of the origional queen in this hive and she has a broken leg. Its the rear right as you were staring at her from the top, head up. It has NOT impeded her laying capability in any way and she is laying than some of my other hives. The patterns are tight and nice and really look good. The hive is strong.

I have always heard that some will damage a queen so the hive will supercede her, but these bees don't seem to mind it at all. She is having no problems what so ever. I was really surprised they hadnt replaced her yet. Anyone else ever seen this before? She has been this way since before the end of May. I didn't do it, but i suspect that it happened when she was balled while dealing with the laying worker hive and getting a grip on it....she was a lover and now is a fighter...LOL.
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I am so glad to hear about this. One of my Russian queens that emerged 4th of July weekend has a damaged rearmost leg that she sort of drags along. Her retinue doesn't seem to mind, but as I'm combining this nuc with another, I'm a little worried about what her new subjects will do.

She's one of two that emerged from my lost Porter Russian, and looks nothing like her mother. She does look like her sister queen tho.
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