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Queen Stopped Laying Eggs

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Hi folks.
I’ve never seen this before, and I need some advice.
My last inspection revealed that my queen is not laying anymore eggs. But she’s alive, walking around as usual.
Unfortunately my previous inspection took place exactly four weeks before the last inspection. And there were eggs and brood at that time. I’m not sure what happened in the meantime to cause this, but there aren’t any brood left (except a few drone cells).
This is a new colony that came with a nuc this season.
I also noticed that with the weight of the honey supers my hive was slightly tilted to a side. I’m going to reenforce the base and level it again, but would something like that cause the queen stop laying eggs?

Thank you.
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Are you in a nectar dearth right now? If food has stopped coming in then the queen will stop laying as she is getting prepared for winter. If you slowly feed the hive over a long period of time she might start up again. This would be quite early for her to do so, but you've had a drought or something it can happen.
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