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All of the Jenter parts work together but probably don't with any other brand. You can buy them at Bluesky Bee Supply who has a link at the top of this page.

I have the Jenter system. Here are a couple of things to think about:

1. You don't have to graft and it is easy to find the right age larva.
2. You can actually transfer eggs.
3. You have to find the donor queen and put her in the Jenter box.
4. You have to get the Jenter box drawn out.
5. You have to get into the donor hive more than to just find larva.
6. You have to pay for the Jenter stuff.
7. It says to leave the queen in the Jenter for 12 hours. That is about right, but 6 am to 6 pm? 12 noon to midnight:pinch:. If you leave the queen too long (20 hours) you will (may) find some double eggs. I did and then found double larva, so you have to be careful. I try to not leave her in for more than about 16 hours.

The cells that I am moving to mating nucs tomorrow came from leaving her in from 4:30pm to 9:00am. Every cell had an egg and I didn't find doubles. This was the same queen as the last time when I left her for 20 hours and 1/3 of the cells had double larva.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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