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Queen rearing - advise

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This year I want to do a little small scale queen rearing. Just for my own use Mostly to save a little money, but primarly as my best hives are swarm feral captures, and I want to use them everywhere.

If I'm only looking to raise 6 or so queens. What would be a good book for me to start with? Or is there some other information source I can look at?

Looking for the "Queen Rearing for Dummies" or the "Complete Idiots Guide to raising Queeens" type book. Somthing simple and straight forward.

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The best book on queen rearing, in my opinion, is Lawrence John Connor's book, "Queen Rearing Essentials". It's excellent cover to cover, and everything is well explained.

Keep in mind that the more you know about rearing queens, no matter the complexity, the better your queens will be!

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