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Queen Question

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Last week I did a deep instpection into all the boxes including the deep super on the bottom for brood. In the past few weeks I added 2 med supers to equal another deep and finally two weeks ago my first super for honey, inspecting last week all 4 boxes had lots of brood, eggs, larvae and everything looked wonderfull. Todays inspection was pretty much the same lots and lots of bees brood and everything in the 3 med boxes but when I got to the bottom deep, it looks like the brood hatched and all those cells are empty, there are brood in other frames in the deep box but about 3 frames just have a little honey and pollen and lots of empty cells. Is there a certain time the frames are empty for cleaning and whatever before the queen will lay in them again? They looked pretty clean already, Thanks for your help. Rhonda
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Were there eggs in the cells? They are small and can be hard to see. I use reading glasses that are a little more powerful than I normally use. If the queen is laying well, she has probably already been down in the deep laying.
If the top boxes look good, the bees probably don't need the space right now.
As they start filling the top boxes with honey for winter, the queen will be forced down, & start using the bottom box again.
Ive got one hive in my yard here in s ga Im seeing the same thing.
At what point should you stop supering to force the queen down. Do you take off the top boxes as they empty? :s
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