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queen problems

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Started out the year with 4 hives that were nucs, a split and a hive from a old tire the prior year. I put in 3 new queens on August 29 2018 and kept one of the original queens. Starting off the new year I began feed syrup on 03/11/19, then more on 03/14 and 03/17. All hives had been bringing in a lot of pollen. When looking at the brood patterns near month end only one queen was really pumping out the brood. So on 04/03/19 installed 3 new queens. I went back into those hives on 04/20/19 to make sure the queens were released and all were. Checked these hives on 05/01/19 still minimal queen activity. By 05/25/19 one queen looks O'K the other two still almost no capped brood. On 5/31/19 installed two new queens again. Before using a shaker box(queen excluder nailed to the bottom of a deep box) was always able to find the old queens. This time never found the old queens. I am planning on looking at the 2 week point to make sure the queens were released, but then after that I would like to hear what other people would do. I wondered if I went into the hives too much. I think I should have not replaced the queens in April, was too fast then, should have let them come out of winter and fed earlier. Second year beekeeper from Central Texas.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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