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I took my hives out of indoor storage first week of march. I quickly went through and found the deadouts. Anything with bee's in it were not. Weather was not letting me really open them. So I just identified which ones had bee's. I threw on some sugar for insurance (mountain camp method). Quickly peeked a week later and still same some building etc. Could not go through them because of rain. (been raining for months now harder then normal).

So 2 weeks later I pop open hives and find just the queen wandering on the topbars. A few other girls but only 5-10. I have found about 6 out of 50 like this.

So I took a frame of bee's and eggs from another hive caged the queen and created a nuc with the queen.

I guess it could be all the bee's died off because she shut down over the winter or ???????
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