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Queen on the ground

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I made 3 splits off a hive with queen cells Friday. This late afternoon I noticed activity at the hives and went over. There was a group of bees on the ground and it was getting bigger. I looked through the pile and found a queen crawling around. I peeked inside the three nucs and one probably only had about 12 bees in it and emerging brood. I went to put the lid back on and there was a queen crawling on the edge of it. The bees were beginning to leave the queen on the ground but they were not going to the nucs but apparently to a nearby hive with a swarm I recently hived. What the heck should one do in that situation? Just get out of the way and let nature take its course? Would the queen on the ground fly back to the hive she came from?
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I had a swarm given to me last year and twice I found the queen and a ball of bees 10-20 ft from the hive, I put them back twice, then I moved the hive, missed her the third time. Hive went laying worker, It took me a while to notice, first hive. I recovered it though, with a mated queen and it is booming this spring. G
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