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I have for sale deep half-frame queen rearing nucs. I had these made years ago and just didn’t use them. It is all new equipment. The equipment is glued and screwed together and hot dipped in paraffin and gum rosin. The frames are stapled, glued, and fitted with black rite-cell plastic foundation with extra wax. Use them as a 10 frame box or insert a divider/feeder and have a 4-frame nuc on each side. Two boxes together are the same size as a standard 10 frame box. Sorry, no tops or bottoms. I would like to sell as one group. Local pickup only, on three pallets. $2500.00 Email is best [email protected]

74 – Boxes
500 – Frames
42 – Feeders
81 – Dividers (These divide the box like the feeders, but no holes for feed)
55 – 2.25” feeder rims (put these on top for feeding in the winter)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts