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7 Hives of Apis mellifera with some Africanization
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You don't really give much information about the total configuration of your hive. One thing you may consider - if your frames are all the same depth, medium or deep, it is really not very difficult to move them around to be where you want them. If you want all the brood combs to be in the bottom-most super, simply move them there. One of the best reasons for movable frames, is just that, they are movable. However, if your frames are different depths, and you want the brood to be in the bottom box, which is presently on the bottom, simply move it to the top, permanently or temporarily. Once the queen has again begun using it for brood, move it back down.

Medium depth frames will fit into deep supers (and if they stay there long enough the bees will add comb to fill the extra space), and deep frames will fit into two medium supers, stacked together, or a medium frame with a three inch high spacing rim.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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