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queen larva loose in cells.

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I have just pull some grafted cells from two different hives, I grafted on the 23rd.

In the cells from hive 1 most of the bases are covered with royal jelly, and are bigger.

In hive 2 there is little royal jelly visible and when cells are tipped over the pupa drops in and out of its position.
Is a larva that is loose in its cell doomed? Or do they have a chance. I am going to stock my nucs with larva from Hive 1, and have enough but I would like to know if the larva in hive 2 are viable. The cells are otherwise healthy in appearance.
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They are fine. They will all do that to some degree, which is why you don't move capped cells during the "Sensitive developmental phase".
Thanks. That makes sense, and is reassuring.
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