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Queen Juice?

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How do you make queen juice? I have a couple of queens I'm going to pinch off but want to be able to use them somehow. I've read something before about a jar of alcohol? How much? Any LGO? Thanks!!
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I use an old baby food jar and fill half full of ethol (scent free) alcohol. I've put as few as 2 and as many as a dozen or so.
Some Everclear or Graves grain alcohol would be my choice. I would skip the LGO since you have actual queen sent...

I would use a small 2oz bottle from a drug store...
Thanks for the replies! Glad I asked, I was just going to use regular old alcohol and probably way too much.
I have an 8 ounce plastic bottle that I filled halfway up with rubbing alcohol. I have been dropping queens into this. It's small enough I can put it in a shirt pocket, and since it is plastic I don't have to worry about it breaking.
and why do you do this?
Another question about the original thread topic:) After making the alcohol queen tea, how long do I need to let it "age" before using it? Do you just drop some on cotton balls and use it like LGO for bait traps?
Dang, while I'm out there busting my tail getting bees out of a wall, you folks are over here drinking and coming up with new drink too! I guess I was invited to the wrong party. :scratch:
Oh well, even another job just about done. Spent $600 at ML yesterday, still need a few more things, but once this job and the other one pays off.....I think I will have my extractor by next weekend! I'm just about over the hump.


You can use the "juice" as soon as you make it.
Some of us use a q-tip.
I store the juice in the freezer.
Its also fun to dab some on a workers shirt, someones vehicle if they park to close to the shop or some poor fella at a beekeeping class.
sqkcrk asked what is it used for. The theory is that the phermones from the queen, is spred throughout the alcohol. So then, you take the alcohol, and use it for a swarm lure in a swarm trap. Some will mix LGO with the alcohol.
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