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Queen fell

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I put my new packages in this morning i just peeked in and the queen cage has fallen down. What should i do leave it or open then up and put her back on top of the frames?
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I would put back in between the top of the frames. I know some people that lay the qeen cage in the bottom and they seem to do fine. You need to make sure the screen side of the queen cage is not to the bottom where she can not get much air. If you do move it to the to make sure you secure it.
Put her back to the top so she doesn't get cold and die.:cry:
If you can get a rubber band around a frame without causing too much chaos try that. Be sure the is near the top for warmth like Hap saya
Well i got her back up and they are not happy about being bothered this late in the evening. I put a staple in the metal tab on the queen cage into the top of the frame.
Good call... she could have been chilled as noted. Also if the cage landed wrong, she may not have been able to get out if the candy hole was covered or a dead attendant was blocking it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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