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Queen cups in the middle of one freshly drwan farme.

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I checked my two hives today installed April 5th. Both are doing great and have second boxes on for a couple of weeks. One of them in the lower brood box has a frame of freshly drawn comb with two queen cups in the middle of the frame. Lots of capped Drone cells on the outside frames. They just being prepared or should I be worried?

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So, are they queen cell cups, or actual queen cells. Cups are empty, queen cells have eggs, larva, or pupa in them.

Cell cups are almost always present, in many colonies. Queen cells almost always have a purpose (at least, if only to raise virgins queens in).
They are Queen cell cups. They have nothing in them.
Good observation.

Think of cups as part of the bee's emergency preparedness plan - they are practicing/preparing "just in case" they need to replace the queen in an emergency. Like say you accidentally squish her during your inspection. It's nothing at all to be alarmed about. Actually comforting.
I was hoping that's all it is. The Queen is doing a great job in that hive. There are capped brood, eggs and larva on all but one frame in that bottom box.
Excellent! Time to find a chair and watch them haul-in-pollen ( if you have all your supers, etc. ready)
Supers are ready to go, just waiting for them to get 8 frames done in the top box.
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