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Queen cells

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I have a hive that the queen died in during our last cold spell. It got down to -4 2 nights in a row the last week of Feb. I still have alot of bees in this hive so I have been putting a frame of eggs and larva in the hive about every week. I noticed today that they are building at least 2 queen cells. I hope that there are drones arpound in a couple of weeks for her mating flight. There ar my 2 hives and at least 2 or 3 feral hives in the area. I do have 3 Italian Queens coming the first part of April. Any of the missouri bee keepers have any thoughts?

Dave the fire guy
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I am not from Missouri, but are your hives raising drones? If you don't have any capped drone brood, it stands to reason that your neighbours won't be producing any drones either. Queens have a 14 day window to mate, after that they will be drone layers.

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If your hives have capped drone brood, she will get mated. If not, you will be better off combining the bees with a queen right hive and taking a split from it when drones are flying.
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