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Queen cells

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Last weekend I split a couple of hives working very hard to get a frame or two with new eggs to put into two nucs with brood and honey frames. One hive has started superceder cells high up on the frames but they appear small to me. Smaller than the peanut shaped swarm cells I have seen lower on frames in the past.

Is this normal or are superceder cells usually about the same size a swarm cells?

Thanks in advance.

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The size of queen cells is determined by the amount of bees, especially young bees because these are the ones that feed the lavae royal jelly, and how much nectar is coming into the hive,
Lots of bees and a honey flow or sugar syrup feed and you will get good size queen cells not so many bees and no flow you get small cells.
Size of the queen cell does not necessarily correlate to the size or quality of the queen.
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