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queen cells destroyed, hive still queenless

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Last week I posted about 7 capped queen cells in a queerness hive

I checked the hive today and all 7 queen cells had been destroyed, the side of each had been eaten away. The hive now has no larva and only a few caped brood. I think it may be getting robbed so I switched the entrance reducer from the 4 inch to the 1 inch.

Any ideas on why the QC's were destroyed?

This late in the season, should I just combine what is left of this hive with the stronger hive? Or re-queen?

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It sounds like the queen cells were destroyed by a virgin queen. First the virgin stings them, then the workers tear holes in them and remove the contents and discard it.

If I were you, I'd give the virgin more time to mate and begin laying. If you combine them prematurely with another queenright colony, the virgin may destroy that queen as well.
I'm fairly new myself, but I will give my two cents. I would ask myself are any of my hives weak. If yes then I would roll them into the weak hive with a newspaper barrier. If my other hives are good then I would put a frame with eggs from another hive or get a new queen.
Joseph gave you the correct advice. Give your new virgin queen time to get mated and begin laying. I don't recall the timeline on your earlier thread but it can take a little while for the new queen to begin laying.

You have plenty of time before you should think about giving up on this hive and combining it with another hive.

I would keep an eye on the lower boxes to make sure the workers don't backfill them completely with nectar. Be prepared to shuffle frames to open a brood area for your new queen if necessary.

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