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A new wrinkle in my effort to requeen Italian hives with Russian Queens is that the Russians arrived in Queen Cages I haven't worked with before and I'm not certain how to release the attendants without ruining the cages.

The cages are made of wood and measure 3/4" x 3/4" x 2 3/8" with a black plastic tube filled with candy extending about 5/8" from one end. There is a single chamber. A screen is stapled over the open end with a single staple at each end. There is no cork covering the candy.

My guess is that the entrance tubes are removable although I haven't tried yet. If I remove the tube to let the attendants out, can it be replaced?

What is this type of cage called? And if I want to delay release of the queen should I put a small bit of masking tape over the exposed candy?
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