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queen Anne's lace

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Seeing alot of queen Anne's lace lately. Do honey bees work this....provide nectar?
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We had a drought in Eastern Massachusetts a couple of years ago, and the bees were working it. At the time, the VP of our bee club said that he'd been keeping bees for 20 years, and that was the first time he'd ever seen bees working Queen Anne's Lace.

So, here in Eastern Massachusetts, the answer is "They'd rather go somewhere else." There must be some nectar available from Queen Anne's Lace, but not nutritionally as big a bang for the buck as other plants - so the bees are efficient and work other things

I can't speak for Ohio, or other parts of the country

Tony P.
We've a lot of lace all along the roadways and unmanaged fields. I've looked, but have yet to see honeybees on it. There is still some clover left, so they are focusing on that in my neighborhood.
I see them working it heavily during drought in Indiana but not otherwise.
Welcome from NE Kansas bd. This is my first year, but I'm trying to pay attention to what the bees are working in here. We're near dearth here I think. It's very dry and the sweet clover is finished for the most part. I have noticed the bumbles in the lace, but no honeybees, yet. I've got the pleasure of having some black hyssop in my yard though, and the bees are in a staging pattern to get at that stuff.
Hello all. Thanks for the input. I'd say for the last 2-3 weeks queen Anne's lace and the little blue weed has been extremely dominant along roadways. My dad who has beekept since 1995 has never seen the girls work it was a question. This past winter was extremely losing 2/3 of our apiary (300) hard hit. I started full time with him and the business about 3 years ago.....since then i have become a huge advocate of the almighty honeybee. Starting to watch for what they're working and when. Thanks for the replies
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