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I have five colonies in Langstroth hives located in southern New Hampshire. Four of the colonies are Carniolan and one is of Vermont northern queen stock. The hives overwintered and appear healthy. I treat for mites using OA in the fall. I use Apivar in early spring. If I pull honey in July, I will use Apivar in August through September. I run single deep brood chambers.

I was recently away for a week when one of my Carniolan colonies swarmed. I likely missed a queen cell before leaving on my trip. In any event, I decided it was best to profit from the circumstances and made 3 splits as I had numerous queen cells. All three splits produced virgin queens. All but one of the queens appear to be healthy. See attached photo of the deformed queen, Quasimodo. Note the bad forewing. Not shown in the photo is a deformed right foreleg. I removed Quasimodo but saved her for study.

There are no apparent signs of deformed wings elsewhere in the nest. I treated for mites in early spring, before May, using Apivar over a period of 40 days. I did accidentally bump the queen cell while moving the frame.

Is there a study suggesting wing virus to be the likely diagnosis if all of 4 wings are deformed vs. one wing? Alternatively, can wing virus affect some of the wings not all?

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