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The quarantine on vancouver Island has been lifted. Babes honey threatend to sue the government if they dident lift the quarantine. Babes wants to import bees to replace the bees they lost last winter, over 1500 colinies. They lost their bees because they did not treat for mites. In the fall Babes moved their infested hives to wintering sites close to other apairy sites. These beekeepers had treated for mites and asumed all was well. AS Babes hives colapse, large numbers of bees leave their hives and join the healthy colinies down the road infesting them. In late spring all is not well. Not only did Babes lose their hives but they also caused the death of hunreds of colinies not belonging to them. Babes has already brought bees to the Island so now we have to worry about antibiotic resistant forms of foulbrood,greater wax mouth,small hive beetle and verrora that resist treatment. Thanks Babes!!

To bad we have a spineless government.:no:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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