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This season I plan do do some queens(~20) and it's my first time.
I wanted to use the cloacke board method but I don't know if there will be enough bees for that method.

Anyway I was thinking on using Oldtimer method:

I have some questions:

Is there a problem in:

1. shaking the starter bees back to the finisher right before adding the started cell bars? (using resources from the same hive)

2. shaking bees from multiple hives to the starter? If no, then will it be a problem in shaking the entire starter to the finisher hive before adding the cell bars frame?

3. Would it be a better idea not to disturb the finisher hive with all the above and try to use bees from other hives in order to form the starter?

I'm worried on provoking a massacre in the apiary that's why I'm asking.

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