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Just my 2 cents but I would set up a single deep with frames of honey to the outside, then honey and pollen then drawn empty frames. In about 3 weeks put on the second box. This will be about the time the first batch of brood is hatching and give the hive more workers to cover the extra frames and keep pests out(wax moths, small hive beatles). It will also be about the time the queen will start to run out of space. She could run out faster if you have a good flow or a productive queen so you will have to watch to make sure there is still space and put on the second box faster if needed. Then once the 2nd box is 3/4 full start adding supers.

The bottom box would be H, H/P, E, E, E, E, E, E, H/P, H (H= Frame of Honey, H/P= frame with honey and pollen, E= empty drawn comb)
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