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Put in first 2 foundationless frames today

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It's sunny and fairly warm (55F) and I couldn't wait so I opened the 4 medium super Russian hive. They were all over my compost pile, etc. anyway. I went to the bottom box (empty) and right at the middle, with one built up frame separating them, I added 2 empty foundationless frames. There really weren't any bees in the bottom 2 mediums, they were in the top 2 mediums. I noticed that altho they had sugar patties and pollen patties on top, the supers were light enough that I didn't think they had any honey, so I put a full frame of capped honey (from a deadout hive) into the 2nd from top super.

My hope is they will move down the hive as it gets warmer and build up those 2 foundationless frames.

I also wanted to make sure they weren't so crowded in that hive that there was a swarm potential. With the 2 bottom supers empty, and no queen cells that I could see, I don't think they're anywhere near swarm.

So does this sound okay? I probably should have waited till it got even warmer, but I was afraid they might be crowded and thinking about swarming by then.
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If you worry about getting crowed,Then I would have put the 2 bottom boxes on top of the full ones,The queen will move up,But don't like to work down.
Yeah, but it's still too cold, the brood could get chilled being at the bottom.
I agree, still too cold. Wait for warmer weather and then reverse the boxes. The bees will build up easier than they will squeeze down, as they will get space above the brood to store excess incoming nectar.
Too cold for me to be getting into the boxes and I'm south of you. Don't push it.
Nope, that's the last (and first) time I'm going in there till it warms up.

Of course, it's almost season to pick up new packages, so hopefully it's getting close to warm enough time.

Although my package pickup is delayed two weeks until early May.
Of course, it's almost season to pick up new packages, so hopefully it's getting close to warm enough time.
Big difference between a package and a hive with brood to keep warm.
Oh. Well, live and learn. I also was out and didn't get to re-wrap the hives before dark, and it's supposed to be down in the high 20s tonight. Crossing fingers they'll be okay.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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