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As stated above:

Consumer Report Share your experience with merchants and suppliers, both positive and negative.
Please limit threads to "Praise" or "Problems" with specific vendors and suppliers you have personally experienced. If you want to ask a general question, or you have questions about suppliers and vendors, place those in the Bee Forum. If the thread topic is about company "XYZ", do not post a message saying "I had better service with company "ABC."

Also, please keep your thread title "neutral", so that others may form their own opinions.
As an example: If I had a bad experience with "X Bee Supplier", I would title my thread "My experience with X Bee Supplier" as opposed to "X Bee Supplier is a scam company".

In the event that a particular business owner is also a forum member, I ask that you please keep personal stuff between you and any business owner private. Do not copy and paste emails or private messages- these are private information and not the business of others on the forum. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with a business, feel free to post complaints, but leave out personal attacks. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

For example:

If you have had a bad experience with Company XXX, post what the problem was, what the history was, how it was or was not resolved.

rather than:

Calling the business owner or supplier derogatory names or trying to have a verbal stand-off on this public forum.

I have no problems with stating opinions and problems directly related to poor service or business practices, just keep it business and not personal.

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