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I'm hoping my bees don't discover my neighbor's yard where that's naturalized. She's determined to do a soil drench of imidacloprid right over the top of the flowering squill this week. I've been trying to persuade her to wait until after the bloom is finished. Not having much luck. She's convinced that because she got it on sale at Lowe's that it must be fine for bees, because they wouldn't sell anything toxic, would they?

This is all in aid of killing the scale on the magnolia tree which offends her by making honey dew which in turn grows a sooty mold. One excellent consequence of the absurd amount of rain we had here last spring is that years of honey dew was washed right off and the "problem" vanished.

All the facile concern for the health of bees being chronicled in the public domain right now isn't being connected to the amounts of pesticides being slopped about by homeowners. This same woman has expressed to me her deep worry about the state of bees and how terrible all the CCD deaths are.

Makes me wonder what she applied last Spring before I noticed that my decades-old feral colonies had all "mysteriously" disappeared.

Feeling very grumpy about this today.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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