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Purchased Queen Never Laid An Egg

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I purchased a queen from a reputable breeder online as I wanted to try certain genetics and queen arrived in great form July 5. I introduced in queen cage and she had been released 3 days later when I checked. Since I've opened the hive three times checking for eggs and there isn't a single egg or larvae from the new queen. I dispatched the old queen and the hive (double 8 frame deeps with all drawn comb) is still treating her well. I always seem to find her on an outside frame and her marking has nearly been chewed off. I've only got a few hives and only ordered one queen as I wanted to try these certain genetics. I contacted the owner from where I purchased it and asked about him replacing this queen and he replied asking if there was any honey in the hive as he's seen a hygienic trait where they will quit laying if no honey or feed and as soon as they are fed they will take off. I replied and told him yes there were four frames of honey in the hive as I didn't harvest it all and plenty of pollen and I'm actually feeding as I have two nucs at the yard. He never replied back to me.

My question, anything else I can do to help the situation here? Also, am I asking too much for him to replace a queen that isn't laying eggs? She wasn't cheap...
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That's one of the big problems with buying queens. You can never tell which ones are going to be a dud. I think part of it has to do with them pulling the queens to fast out of the mating nucs. However who knows exactly there are lots of factors. I would think it's pretty much the norm for suppliers to not replace queens once they are in the care of another beek. Not saying it's right just that it's kinda the way it works. Sorry about your luck though bud. Don't give her too long. If she don't lay combine them with one of your other hives.
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