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pulled honey today

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We pulled our first 120 supers today, have many more to go. The honey flow has been great this Spring, the gallberry will open very soon we are making room for it now. This looks to be one of the better years. We could use a little rain right before the gallberry opens, its getting dry. Anyone else pulling supers in the area? The titi bloom was amazing this year............
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A friend of mine just brought me a jar citrus honey from the new crop. He has bees around Disney and north of that. He said it was a great flow this year. Water white honey that almost looks like cornsyrup in color. By the taste it is obvious what it is though.
The Spring wildflower honey here is very light with a very distinguished taste and strong floral aroma.
I have one hive that is just starting to cap a super full. They filled it in about 12 days! We're a little north of you but I agree that it's looking like a good year. Tulip Popular is blooming now.
I have added the 2nd super to some of my hives this week I think its gonna be on in a hurry. Since this is my second year and the bees got rained out last year,I am already amazed at how fast they are puting it up
If my hives continue to look as good as they did at last inspection I plan to add supers this weekend in Woodstock. I am sure they will fill a super in a week or two at most. It is amazing what a little nice weather can do to get the girls out and working. Last year the rain about wiped me out.
The rain last year hurt everyone. The gallberry I seen today has opened up.
Mine are capping their first. 6 frames already capped, just waiting for them to finish it. They have started building out on the 2nd super already. Funny thing i split this hive in March. All Nucs have queens and are running hard! I have one queen laying eggs in EVERY CELL on frames. a tight pattern is an understatement. Caught a swarm in my own Apiary last night after seeing some buzzing around, I took an empty Nuc and put some LGO on the landing board.. Queen looks mated too. Its not one of mine...yippee.
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