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Proud papa, any thoughts

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Ok I have my first cut out going, pollen packing in and new capped brood and larva going in after 9 days on my first hive. Meanwhile I started a nuc with help of some generous beeks in my family.

New Lady came out after 7 days and its approaching a week of of her reign. So far all looks well with the transplanted brood hatching out and some pollen observed along with the sugar syrup they are storing. How long should it take for her to take her flight and I would expect some brood activity? Have seen her on day 2 and on tonights inspection. She is definately going good and scampers to hide like I guess you should expect.

On the other hand we are doing another cutout Friday. This could be infectious.
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7-10 days after you knew she emerged. I have seen them start sooner and I have seen them start on day 11 personally. I had one queen i was very worried about as she never seemed to get any bigger and was always runny. Was gone for a week, came back and had it not been for the stripes on her, i would not have recognized her for sure!
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