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protein supplement using baby formula powder

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Hello All, here in Iowa its been raining almost every couple of days which effectively washes away nectar and pollen for a couple of days. I've noticed that there isn't a lot of pollen being brought into the hives so I'm writing to ask for guidance/suggestions. I'm concerned that the lack of pollen will impact brood rearing and if I can/should make up some pollen substitute to help out. I have looked at a number of recipes online and see that soy protein and brewers yeast are the foundation of the recipe. I work in a hospital and was looking at a can of powered baby formula there, it's got soy protein and powered milk so I'm considering using that as the base. Any comments welcome but please be nice!!! (In anticipation of getting BLASTED I'd like to underscore that I'm not a baby killer and am only exploring this avenue). Thanks.
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I believe that Dave Mendes uses powdered milk and egg in his patty production along with lots of sugar. Never heard of using baby milk, however.
Leave it outside in maybe a bird feeder so the rain can't get to it and observe if other insects will use it. There may be something in the formula that is not good for bees. At least of other insects eat it there is a chance that it is not harmful.
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