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I'm sure this has come up before, but I'm curious if anyone has ever had their own independent lab analysis done to get a better answer. I've read in general that bee pollen can be anywhere from 20-40% protein, which is quite impressive! But then I was in a health food store and picked up a container, and it stated that it was only 2% protein. Now, I may have been confused in the "daily dose" area there. I'm thinking what I saw on the label was stating that if you eat the recommended dose (1 tsp or whatever) that it would make up for 2% of your daily protein. Still I feel like that wasn't much. Maybe I'll have to go back and work out the grams on that to see if I can somehow back calculate the percent protein of that specific pollen.

Now I completely understand that it could vary, and probably greatly, depending on the plant source. Anyway, I've been doing more searching on this lately because my wife is on a big health kick trying to lose weight, and she has been buying protein powder. I have 30 colonies right now, but only one pollen trap. So far I've gathered only a few Tbsp of pollen, and then stopped, as obviously if I'm only getting that much in the trap, then the bees aren't getting much at all, even without the trap! Still I know we'll have a good pollen flow, soon, possibly with our tallow honey flow starting now, and I know the fall goldenrod should be good for it too. I'd love to be able to offer my wife something we can get for free (more or less) instead of the synthetic proteins or whatever it is she's buying at the store. Plus it would be one more reason for her to have to love the bees, and have to let me get some more pollen traps!

Ok, I've rambled. What say ye folks? Has anyone ever proved up that 40% number?
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