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Hello fellow Beekeepers!

I am a professional writer and Playwright as well as a beekeeper. I have been speaking with a few Master Beekeepers with regards to beekeeping related issues and ideas. They suggested that I freelance for a few to the top "Bee" magazines once they found out I was a published writer and playwright. I also have some other ideas...

I'd like to freelance; however I am working on a novel right now and a compilation of "bee" experiences across America to be called: Profiles of the American Beekeeper. I would like to do this in a format which will take experiences from hundreds of beekeepers from novice to Master, and format chapters in accordance with the subject line each contributor decides to submit.

Of course each submitter would have to also send me a hand-signed personal release for their "story" in order for me to use it in my book.

Are you willing to submit an article/story such as this?

If so, please let me know - I can send you my writer's resume if you send me a real email address. Please pass this Letter to the Editor along to your beekeeping friends!


Mary C. Charest

608 Washington Drive

Ramsey, NJ 07446

[email protected]

Phone Number 315-750-9021
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