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Hello dears
I have problem with join to this forum from my country IP, IRAN. I asked is this a directional problem or is problem in network?
I thanks for manager answer.
thanks lot

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Yakand also created a similar thread in the 'moderated' FAQ forum, which I moved to the Feedback Forum, and replied to here:

Any posts made in 'moderated' sub-forums will not be visible until after approved by a Moderator. Aside from the FAQ forum, there are a number of other 'moderated' forums. There is a sticky at the top of 'moderated' forums explaining the situation. If your post is not visible, check for the 'sticky' to see if you were trying to post into a 'moderated' forum.

For instance, this is the 'sticky' at the top of the 'moderated' "Wanting to Buy" forum:
The forum objective is to give buyers a place to announce items they are looking to buy. It is a moderated forum, meaning anyone can start a thread but all replies will be held for approval first. If you are a supplier, have what the OP is seeking, and want to connect with the original poster, you are required to do this via private message or using any of the contact info the poster provides.


*Try to be descriptive with size, amount, condition, etc.

*Include location and delivery options if applicable.

*Provide contact information. Name, phone or email are helpful.


*Negotiations are to be made privately, through Private Message (PM), email or phone call.


*All posts are moderated. Limited discussion as allowed for clarification.


Also, note that posting images / photos in this "Welcome" forum will result in those images not being visible until approved by a moderator.

New members wanting to introduce themselves and ask a question involving posting photos are encouraged to introduce themselves in the Welcome forum (here), and then start a separate thread in the appropriate forum (perhaps Beekeeping 101) to post their question and photos.

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