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Here is to continue with the idea of primitive beekeeping.

I wrote about this guy before (too lazy to be looking for the exact posts).
This year he posted a couple of vids just to remind the viewers - he is still at it, just at a lesser scale (cutting back because he is pushing 50 and things are a bit heavier now).

He has been practicing the same exact model - set the traps out/check existing hives in spring - harvest the honey in fall. The true twice-per-year, primitive model.
As far as I am concerned, an entirely valid model of honey enterprising.
That's the primitive beekeeping.

Visiting the remote homestead in fall so to collect the honey (use auto-translated captions).

Brought a trap full of honey home and harvesting it all.
What happens to the bees after they have been completely robbed out?
He dumps them into one of the active hives in the backyard and lets the bees to settle it all out.
121 - 124 of 124 Posts