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Price to sell honey in Southeastern NC? Pound? Gallon?

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Hey y'all-

After six years of effort, we finally have harvested (twice so far this spring!) and are ready to sell. Can anyone tell me the going price for NC? We are in the sandhills southeast of Raleigh.
We have had someone ask for a price for a five gallon bucket, so I am interested in what y'all sell five gal buckets for... 2 gals... pound jars...

Mrs Beeball Coach
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read in Bee culture they have a monthly regional Honey price you live in Zone 4 and 2LBS of honey is sold at retail of $7.44. hope that helps.
I cannot find this on Bee Culture??? Went to their site... got lost! Thanks though!

FYI- I have sold a few for $10 per pound glass jar.

Mrs Beeball Coach
you need to buy the magazine 25 dollars per year.
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