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Price of Sugar - Future Outlook

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Looks like the prices might be dropping.

Raw sugar for May delivery tumbled 1.29 cents, or 7.2 percent, to 16.59 cents a pound on ICE Futures U.S., the biggest decline for a most-active contract since Dec. 19, 2008, and the largest drop among 19 raw materials in the Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index.
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I just ordered 800 lbs at 60 cents a lb. I sure hope it comes down.
Wow. $.60 that's hard.:eek: I was looking today and the price was .58 and back in Oct I bought for $.34.:banana: This keeps up I'll have to raise my honey price to do somewhat of an offset YTD expenses. I need a sugar broker.
I was at Rossman's in Moultrie, GA yesterday. He has 5lb bags of sugar...I don't recall the exact price but it was under .30/lb. I think he gets the stuff that's beyond its 'expiration'.
I was at WalMart this evening. 10 pound bags of sugar are $5.48.
4 lb bags at walmart here are $1.82, that works out to 45-1/2 cents per lb. Everywhere else I checked was around 58 cents per pound in 50 lb bags.
Walmart in Cheyenne WY has 50 puonds for 11.78 works out to .24 per pound
hmmm Wal-Mart here has 25 pound bags for $11.xx....
UMMM Brain malfunction you are right they are 25 puond Sorry:doh:
aw shucks! And I was going to take your info into my local Wally World and ask about their "low price guarantee!" :lpf: Thats still about 47 cents a pound...
I stopped by Aldi grocery store today. 5lb baggs for $1.59 makes it 31.8 cents per pound
Aldi's in Mt. Vernon, Ohio had 5 pound bags of sugar for $2.06 this afternoon. That's 41 cents per pound.
Checked walmart in Philadelphia last night and 5 lb was $3.88

So I take it calling Imperial for like 10 tons is nuts?
So I take it calling Imperial for like 10 tons is nuts?
Let us know what price they quote you! :applause:
From what I have seen in stores the cheapest is by far Aldis to purchase sugar. This was true when I lived in KC and is still true now that I live in NY. Though I was fairly disappointed yesterday when I found their price jumped to 2.39 per 5lbs bag. Last time I bought it there (this past DEC) it was 1.59 per 5 lbs bag. Still the other local wholesaler stores want 15.99 per 25 lbs bag. For the meager 350 lbs of sugar I just bought yesterday I saved $50.00 by going to Aldi's and buying it in smaller quantities. You know its great to see their faces when I fill up an entire carriage full of sugar. I just tell them its for all my girls and make em wonder.:D
Last time I bought it, it was 2000# for $220.
About 18 months ago......
I picked up a 25 lbs bag of sugar at Winco, which placed the price of sugar at $0.51/Lbs. By Saturday, it will be gone.

Re: Price of Sugar -

I have tons of sugar for sale $.35 per lb it in 2,000 / 2,500 lb supper sacks cleen NOT FLOOR SWEEPINGS!!!
Hey Ted, let me know if you take a vacation to Colorado. I will take 4000 lbs from you. On the plus side this allows you to take your vacation as a tax deduction since it really is business. ;) Sure wish you were closer.
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