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the july issue of american bee journal has a short article on how a msu prof is keeping bees on state land to pollinate the buckwheat that is planted there.

might be wroth asking him how he closed that deal.

i would make a presentation and have some focus on how gentle honey bees are, give them the benefits, and sell them on your idea. videos of people working the hives with out protective gear sell that?

maybe start it off like.
Albert Einstein once stated that human life would end without the honeybee, i have a dream of preventing this from happening by keeping bees naturally. yada yada yada. tie the positive benefits to the companies products, service, brand.

depending on the business type, focus on the sustainable resource that bees provide, honey and wax. but also the on going good PR. find example of other businesses having a positive relationship with bees. the white house could be one example as they now have a presidential beekeeper.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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