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I was doing a little bottle research for my current needs. I found a "Classic" 1lb. bottles made is the USA or so the email reply to my question confirms. The price was pretty good too. SKS, I believe is in Penn. Shipping and energy cost I would thing is the manufacturing driver so USA made makes sense. The are apparently numerous formulations, 1000s, for silica glass. I am tempted to ask the basic composition of a finished bottle. The reply:

RE: Classic glass honey container , P/N 40250160.01S [Ticket#90106131]

Hi there,
Yes these are made in the US

Taylor H
(518) 880-6980x283
[email protected],

FYI - a "Classic" 1lb. honey bottle is similar to the Queenline except the pour diameter is smaller and the base wider - in case you are interested.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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