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preparing a colony for winter

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summer here has been a literal washout, and not many people have honey.

Even my first swarm that did real well only had enough surplus to give me a 200 gram sample (and even taking that made me feel a bit guilty!) Those guys have 14 combs built, but I took 4 to give to my second hive, so they manged a total of 18 combs. I have top bar hives, and in my case, this is an area of
about 700 cm^2 per comb.

My second swarm was a second cast and they are on 10 combs, 4 of those donated from the first swarm. They have no honey at all, and their comb building just didn't happen very much at all!

I just put the Apistan strips in, and looking at the empty combs with not much capped honey in both hives, I'm wondering if I should start feeding them, and if its a 2 pounds of sugar to 1 point syrup that I need.

many thanks for any advice,

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You can always encourage them to draw comb by feeding them, I always mix my feed thick(2:1). As long as your not concerned with pulling honey off these hives you can continue to feed until they stop taking it. Stop feeding them if your wanting to pull some honey as you won't know whether it is honey or syrup they have filled the comb with.

Good luck...
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